Stimulen Gel

Stimulen™ gel is a unique gel formulation containing activated collagen, glycerin and hydrogel matrix for treating all types of wounds, diabetic foot ulcers, pressure ulcers, skin lesions, post surgeries, dermatalogical procedures, 1st & 2nd degree burns and laser treatments. 

The high concentration of modified collagen in Stimulen™ gel is activated collagen that dissolves in wound fluid and creates a wound environment favourable to the migration of cells from epidermal margin across granulation tissue. 

This accelerates new tissue growth and enhances wound closure. Collagen plays a key role in wound healing by attracting fibroblast to the wound site. Fibroblasts are the main cells responsible for tissue growth and skin regeneration (wound closure). 

As we age, production of collagen is reduced and as a result of that, may hinder the progress of wound healing. Studies have shown that production of collagen is reduced by 42% in the skin of diabetic patients. Hence, modified collagen in Stimulen™ gel plays a primary role in activating wound healing making it effective even in wounds that have not healed for some time (chronic wounds / stalled wounds) 

This is particularly important as the prevalence of skin disorders in diabetics is 85.4% (more than 8 in 10 patients have or will have skin disorders caused by their condition). 

Available in Stimulen Diabetic Wound Care Gel and Stimulen Amorphous Gel. 

The high concentration of glycerin in Stimulen™ gel makes it bacteriostatic and fungistatic preventing growth of fungi and bacteria on the surface of the skin as well as in the wound bed. Stimulen™ Gel can be synergistically used with all types of dressings and flexibility in application including difficult areas and intensify the healing progress of wounds. 

Directions for use:
  1. Cleanse the wound using standard protocol
  2. Apply a generous coating of Stimulen™ gel to the wound site or wound cavity.
  3. Cover the wound bed and Stimulen™ with a non-adherent secondary dressing and secure with tape or appropriate covering.
  4. Change the secondary dressing and re-apply Stimulen™ daily or as needed.
Country of origin: Manufactured in USA by Southwest Technologies Inc. USA 

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