Gold Dust™ is a high absorbent hydrophilic polymer capable of absorbing large amounts of exudate and retaining the exudate in the matrix even under high pressures.  The aqueous fluids remain trapped in the polymer matrix and can only be removed by evaporative drying or solvent extraction. Therefore, when used as a wound dressing, Gold Dust™ protects the wound tissue and the surrounding periwound area from maceration and degradation.   

Gold Dust™ may be used as dry granules on highly exudating wounds, but the wounds must be monitored for the potential of over-drying the tissue. Often dressing changes can be reduced from several times a day to once a day or even once every 2 or 3 days.  Thus, a great saving in time and supplies.  Many chronic wounds are highly exudating and the large amount of exudate is attributable to a high bioburden in the wound site, which has resulted from the patient’s compromised immune system.  By absorbing the exudate into the polymer matrix the nutrient supply and the environment for the bacterial growth is concentrated in the polymer matrix and not as much in the tissue.  The absorption of the fluid also reduces the rate of reproduction of the microorganisms by reducing their ability to move freely and reduces the nutrient transport to the organism.  This absorption of the fluid effectively reduces the irritation to the tissue and allows the healing process to proceed. The healing in turn reduces the amount of fluid produced, which reduces the amount of contamination, etc. and if the nutrition is sufficient, wound closure occurs.

Heavily exudating wounds

1. Clean the wound as necessary.
2. Sprinkle a layer of Gold Dust™ to generously cover the wound area.  Note: Product will absorb 100 times its own water weight.  Therefore, it may not be necessary to use the entire contents of this package.
3. Once the product interacts with the wound exudates, the powder will turn into a gel.
4. Cover the wound with a non-adherent dressing and secure with tape or elastic bandage.
5. Change the dressings daily or when saturated with exudate. Gold Dust™ may be flushed using saline or irrigation system.


Moderately exudating wounds

1. Clean the wound as necessary.
2. Mix packet contents (3g) into 30cc of water, mix rapidly.
3. Fill the wound cavity with the “gel” from step 2.
4. Cover the wound with a non-adherent dressing and secure with tape or elastic bandage.

Caution: Not recommended for non-draining or lightly exudating wounds.
Consult a physician if signs of infection occur: fever, swelling, pain, etc… 


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