ST9555 2oz Stimulen™ Collagen Lotion Bottle


Stimulen™ lotion is an enhanced moisturizing lotion containing high concentrations of modified collagen and glycerine for skin disorders like dry or thickened skin, dermatitis, ezema, skin abrasions, improved scar remodelling, hyper-pigmentations and softens skin that cause wrinkles, calluses, corns and other skin condition. 

The high concentration of modified collagen in Stimulen™ lotion strengthens the skin integrity, promotes new tissue growth and regulates new skin cells regeneration. This solves the root problem for most of the skin disorders that are not healing today due to deficiency of collagen from aging or diabetes. 

Newly healed wounds have fragile skin and can be itchy. But Stimulen Lotion strengthens skin integrity and effectively takes away the itch preventing scratching and skin tearing. With callouses, Stimulen Lotion effectively soften and removes callouses avoiding the need for forced removal. 

Also Stimulen™ Lotion effectively hydrates and moisturizes skin soothing the itch and preventing wound breakdown. 

The high concentration of glycerine is effective in hydrating and moisturizing the skin as well as protecting the skin by preventing the growth of bacteria and fungi on the surface of the skin. 

Stimulen Lotion / Stimulen Diabetic Skin Care is useful for treatment of diabetic skin disorders and prevention of newly healed wounds from breaking down. 

Directions for use:


       1.Before use remove cap and peel off the safety seal.

       2.Cleanse the target area using standard protocol.

       3.Apply 2 to 4 drops of the lotion and spread evenly over the affected area once daily.


Country of origin: Manufactured in USA by Southwest Technologies Inc. USA 

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